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Oscar H. Blayton, Attorney At Law, Inc.

Oscar Blayton
P.O. Box 1165
Williamsburg, Virginia 23165-1165
Phone: (757) 229-1242
Fax: (757) 880-0630

The World of the 21st Century will differ so greatly from what we have known in the past, it will be impossible to compete with only the tools of the past.

Pen and paper, Conference centers, typewriters and dictaphones will still be around, but the contemporary participant in the global marketplace will need considerably more.

The legal services of the twenty first century will also be as different from those of the past as word processors are from quill and parchment.

"Law, Science and Policy"; "Social Change Agents"; "Appropriate Technology" and "Backward Econonomic Linkage" are some of the concepts that will guide the decision makers of the days to come. You may get a warm feeling from a grandfatherly old gentleman with pink cheeks and white hair talking about "The Good Old Days" but if your lawyer can not adjust to the world that is now upon us, you, and your organization may be at a great disadvantage.

If you plan to reach out into the future, you need legal services to be there when you arrive.

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